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Breast Feeding Support

Our Service helps you with gentle and successful breast feeding of your Newborn

Research indicates that breast milk is good for babies. Not only does breastfeeding provide all the nutrients your babies needs; it also contains antibodies from you which help them fight infections. Colostrum, produced by the breasts during pregnancy and the first days after the babies are born, is thicker and richer than formula milk and it is especially valuable to newborn babies. It contains proteins and antibodies from the mother which increase the babies’ own resistance to illness.

ANN Maternity Breast Feeding Support Services provides in-depth knowledge and support for a successful and comfortable breastfeeding partnership with your baby. Some women stop breastfeeding much sooner than they would have wished, simply because they are unaware that there is help available. Here at ANN Maternity we provide this professional, one-to-one support and information to help women overcome breastfeeding problems.

ANN Maternity - Breast Feeding Support
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